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+ Interested in music lessons? Message me here or through instagram at imaginarymusic. Areas of focus include composition, performance, sound art, songwriting, folk music, singing in harmony, arranging, music theory (from medieval to present day), piano, viola da gamba, contrabass, acoustic guitar.

+ New essay and recording (viola da gamba solo) up now on Lateral Addition

+ CD out on Nueni Recs: Harmonica Fables is a collection of pieces for harmonica, some performed as single takes, others created as multi-tracked collages, inspired by ritual, chant, and fable. Some reviews here.

+ Piriforms for 4 voices now up on Score Follower

+ CD by Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Motherland, now available. Works by Gilda Lyons, Jennifer Jolley, Cara Haxo and myself.

+ Article by Ben Levinson in Soap Ear #2

+ Imaginary Music Radio Hour shows are archived here


Current interests: the language of the birds, aural practices vs. written practices, Aquitanian chant, viola da gamba, piano, talk boxes, folk songs, triple-stops

Bio: Laura Steenberge is a composer and performer who studies aural and written practices at the intersections of language, mythology and music. As a composer she primarily creates works for vocal and instrumental chamber ensembles. As a performer she makes use of voice, viola da gamba, piano, harmonica, tuning forks, paper, objects and movement to create etudes, songs and site-specific performances.

In the past couple years, in various ways, she has had the good fortune to work with Heather Lockie, KCM Walker, Catherine Lamb, Julia Holter, Carmina Escobar, Sarah Davachi, Rage Thormbones, Carolyn Chen, Jess Basta, Apartment House, Line Upon Line Percussion, Southland Ensemble, Deso Duo, Tim Parkinson, Clay Chaplin, Argenta Walther, Tim Feeney, Jessika Kenney, Tashi Wada, and Marco Fusi, among others. Recent recording projects include the Imaginary Music Radio Hour (NTS.com), Harmonica Fables (Nueni Recs), and The Four Winds recorded by Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble (New Focus Recordings).

Steenberge completed graduate degrees in music composition at CalArts (MFA) and Stanford University (DMA) where she studied with Sara Roberts, Marc Sabat, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Michael Pisaro, Tom Leeser, Mark Applebaum, Jaroslaw Kapuscinski, Paul DeMarinis, Erik Ulman and Bissera Pentcheva. She currently lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains, transcribing Medieval chant and serving as president of  Indexical, a non-profit experimental music organization.

Works List – January 2020

CV – November 2019

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