in Space

Feast of Beams, Keepers of Light

For Carmina Escobar’s sunset event at Lighthouse Point in Santa Cruz, Feast of Beams Keepers of Lights I was asked to perform for 28 minutes, from exactly 8:05-8:33, representing the period of time from sunset until the end of civil twilight. The sounded needed to be loud enough to travel several hundred feet, over the sound of the ocean. So I put together a collection of boat horns and canned air which was developed into a formalized instrument in housing designed by KCM Walker. August 2019.

Byzantine Rites 4

For changing the direction of the wind. Pipes, metal rings, paper flags, rope, tuning forks, and silent bell. With Erika Bell, Sharon Chohi Kim, and Jesse Quebbeman-Turley. Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, Culver City, CA. Commissioned by SASSAS. October 2018.


Byzantine Rites 3

For the cardinal directions. Pipes, paper banquet roll, rope, bass harmonicas and bell. With Mustafa Walker, Tim Parkinson, Francesca Fargion. St. Mary-at-Hill, London. For the Music We’d Like to Hear festival. July 2018.

byzantine rites 3 - london

Byzantine Rites 2

For up and down. Pipes, paper, lights, metal tube, plastic straws, bluetooth speakers, rope, bass flute, bassoon, saxophone and string quartet. Dogstar Festival 2018 at Automata, Los Angeles. Commisioned by Southland Ensemble. June 2018.

southland ensemble byzantine rites web-68


An extraterrestrial initiation rite. Bells, paper, gold leaf, voices and movement. In collaboration with Kathleen Johnson for her Brainchild experimental musical theater project.  At the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, CA. January 2017.

Architectural Tour

Experimental choir guided tour commissioned by Chris Kallmyer’s A Paradise Choir at SFMOMA, July 2016.


Rite of Passage

A ritual performance to celebrate a reverberant passageway in Stanford’s McMurtry art building. Chant-inspired melodies lulled the audience until midnight, when the lights automatically shut off. At that point, the musical style shifted to eerie harmonies joined by ghostly vocal recordings amplified through the glass windows that, due to the acoustic properties of the space, were indistinguishable from the live voices. Victoria Chang and myself, voices. This event was a part of 49 Days for Space, a site-specific collaboration with artist Boris Oicherman. Jan-Feb 2016.


Fathoming a Cave 

A nighttime guided tour and performance in the Sutro Baths (San Francisco) created in collaboration with visual artist Carrie Hott. Commissioned by Southern Exposure as part of the White Hot Lamp Black show, Feb-Mar 2014.

Steenberge Sutro Baths 2