for Voice

Piriforms for 4 Voices. Performed by Jess Basta, Julia Holter, Catherine Lamb and myself (2010).

The Four Winds, for 4 voices (SSSA). Composed for Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble (2015).

Some Folk Songs, for 2 voices. Performed by Julia Holter and Catherine Lamb (2010)

Singing by Numbers, microtonal women’s choir co-founded with Catherine Lamb (2009-2011)

The Divine Comedy for singing contrabass (2013)

Chant Etudes for makeshift instruments and voice (2016)

Lucretius, My Lucretius for 3 voices. Performed with Julia Holter and Catherine Lamb (2011)

A love song for a woman named Mia, for soprano Victoria Chang and myself on voice and contrabass. Composed as an interlude between two concerti of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons for the Daniel Pearl World Music Days: Harmony for Humanity (2012)

Circe and Medea, for soprano and tuba in a reverberant space. Composed for Tony Arnold and Max Murray (2015).